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Why Travel Matters

Our committment to sustainable travel


Exploring the world is a truly profound experience that can change us deeply. Through travel, our perspectives expand and we are awakened to the beauty and diversity of the world. Encountering new cultures, landscapes, and people allows us to weave intricate connections that transcend borders.

Traveling is not merely about crossing destinations off a list, but an opportunity to immerse ourselves fully in an experience of the unknown and discover who we are and how we’re interconnected with the world around us.


Travel has the power to not just change us, but be a force for good for others as well as our world. Mindful travel can directly benefit the people you meet and the places you visit, all while having the time of your life.

Responsible and sustainable travel has always been at the heart of our trips. Our core values are Fun, Fair, and Focus. These values steer us to ensure we deliver on our commitment to responsible travel.


We think it’s all about fun.

We’re never more alive than when we’re exploring together. Small-group travel, and genuine encounters with local people, makes no matter where you are in the world feel like home.

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We’re passionate about where we go.

We specialize in the destinations we visit. By spending time in the places we go, and meeting the people who live there, we’ve made real connections in local communities.

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We believe travel is a vehicle for change.

We put the idea that travel can be a force for good into practice. Each of our trips aspires to have a positive impact on the local people we meet and a low impact on the planet.


Responsibility is the driving force behind how we develop our trips. We want you to feel confident that when you book a trip with us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Each of our trips is created with a commitment to certain principles.

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Slower travel

We avoid domestic flights as much as possible, and focus on long-haul trips of a minimum duration of 14 days.

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Small groups

Our trips are made for small groups, which allows for meaningful exchanges between hosts and visitors.

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Local farmers

We support local- and family-owned accommodations and transport to give back to the places we travel to.


We live, breathe, and deliver on our values, and so do our suppliers and tour leaders. Improving the lives of the people we work with, those who work with us, and their families is paramount to us.

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Our Team

We care about our specialists and fostering their knowledge and growth.

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Our Network

We support and are fair to small-scale suppliers who we work with long-term.

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Our Leaders

We chose leaders local to your destination as much as possible, and empower them to be the best at what they do.


Sustainable travel practices are paramount to safeguarding our planet for future generations. We attempt to minimize our ecological footprint through mindful choices such as consciously planned itineraries, encouraging slower travel through longer trips, and supporting local economies.

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We create opportunities for hosts and travelers, as well as ourselves, to learn about environmental protection.

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We strive to protect the places we visit, in accordance with the needs of surrounding communities, and through our own Conservation Project.

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We work according to sustainability certifications, as well as do the work of responsible travel through the V Social Foundation.


Travel connects people. By developing unique travel experiences for you in the heart of local communities, we celebrate cultures and allow you to connect with people in moments you’ll never forget. One of our aims is that our trips directly benefit the people and places you visit through development, prosperity, and self-determination. Our belief is that travel can be a force for good, and we have in place several measures to ensure our trips make a positive impact.


Responsible travel is a way of life. Embracing sustainability not only ensures the preservation of natural wonders and local cultures, but also fosters a deeper appreciation for how interconnected we are with other people and the environment.

To find out more about our work, our style of travel, or how you can get involved, talk with your travel specialist.

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