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Entdecken Sie Languedoc-Roussillon: Das Herz des südlichen Frankreichs

Zwischen historischen Städten und malerischen Küstenlandschaften

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Historically, the area known as Languedoc, covered a larger part of southern France, indeed much of modern Occitanie and Provence. Roussillon is the small mountain area of French Catalonia, where people still speak Catalan as well as French.

The main city of Languedoc-Roussillon is Montpellier, a thriving modern city in the Hérault, with a historic center. Other major cities in the region are Nîmes, Narbonne, Sete and Perpignan.

Languedoc's flat coastal plains used to be swampy and plagued with mosquitoes, which is why tourism did not develop, until the are has been drained in the 1960s. Today, the coast of Languedoc is characterized by long sandy beaches, with modern tourist infrastructures. In the last years, parts of the coastline have been recovered for more environmentally sensitive tourism development and among the quite densely built-up resort areas, there are attractive bits of coastline and an astonishing hinterland. The old Languedoc, far away from the coast and the big cities, is a beautiful area, characterized by vineyards and "garrigue", arid rocky Mediteranean hills with their vegetation of scrub, aromatic bushes and occasional fields.

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The region's name refers to the cultural difference and language spoken in this part of the France: langue d'oc - the oc language, referring to the fact the Occitan language where "oc" means yes.

Languedoc-Roussillon is France's largest wine region.

In the 13th century, the process of mutage (adding spirit to wine must to stop fermentation and preserve sweetness) was invented in the Languedoc, hundreds of years before port wines were made.

The incredibly beautiful and romantic Canal du Midi connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, allowing the flow of commerce to bypass the sea route around the Iberian Peninsula, has been complete in the late 1600s (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996).

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SAPIO Languedoc
SAPIO Languedoc
SAPIO Languedoc

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