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Slow tours through culinary landscapes

SAPIO Valle Maira

Ambling through the scenic landscapes of the Mediterranean is immersing yourself in another world, one that often feels like another time, where a simpler way of life and the presence of nature take centre stage. As you wander through picturesque valleys, mountain views, and coastal paths, it’s not just to admire the beauty of the landscapes. Along with learning about the flora and fauna of the region, you’re seeing where the ingredients of the dishes you’ll taste come from, often gathering them yourself, as well as meeting beekeepers, wine growers, and fishermen along the way.


Along the Amalfi Coast, explore the hillsides with Giacomo, collecting fresh herbs to use later in a cooking class, and hike through blossoming lemon groves, sampling the varieties. In Sicily, find wild herbs and vegetables on a scenic walk with Fabio, who will prepare a meal from what you’ve gathered to serve you in his home. Hike up the Marmora Valley with Karen, past small hamlets of farmers and cheesemakers, to crystal-clear Lago Resile, at an altitude of 2,000 metres, where you can take a refreshing dip and enjoy a picnic lunch with a spectacular view. With Emanuele see natural wonders such as Vulcano, part of the Aeolian Islands, thought to be the home of fire god Vulcan in Roman mythology.

Wanderung Salina

Many of our guides grew up in the regions we visit and will show you the way, offering their **local knowledge **as you traverse the landscape. You’ll be welcomed like an old friend, shown not only the best views but the edible plants and herbs, as well as their significance to Mediterranean cuisine. This hands-on experience of foraging for fresh herbs and colourful vegetables and fruits connects you immediately to the land and its bounty. And the exercise and fresh air does wonders for working up an appetite, which you’ll need in abundance as you make your way from farm to table.

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