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SAPIO Assisi

Örtliche Kultur

Tradition Schmecken: Eintauchen in Kulturelle Reisen

Entdecken Sie unsere Touren: Begeben Sie sich auf ein kulturelles, kulinarisches Abenteuer

Food is the most intimate expression of Culture

SAPIO Assisi

A culinary journey through the Mediterranean is an exploration that transcends mere taste. You’ll encounter destinations steeped in tradition and culture, as essential to the dishes you savour as any of the fresh ingredients. Soak up your surroundings and get to know the region you visit, as it stands today and with a rich history behind it, so you put the food you eat there in context. Many local specialties and practices of producers are the result of generations passing on what they have learned about the land.

FEAST Pont du Gard Provence UNESCO

Our tours are ones of discovery in all its senses. You’ll trace the footsteps of history and come upon UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Assisi, the city of saints, Sicily’s stunning old town of Syracuse, the Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard in Provence, and charming Pienza in Tuscany.

FEAST Pienza Tuscany

But we also visit lesser known landmarks of tradition, often staying in incredible historic sites, including a county castle outside of Turin, established in the mid-19th century by Carlo Alberto, later King of Savoy, and a 500-year-old organic farm in Tuscany. We visit places like an 18th century winery in Sicily, or amble through old towns such as Périgueux, inhabited since Celtic and Roman times.

SAPIO Siracusa Ortigia

Along with ancient history, we get close to the descendants of tradition and those preserving culture today. Whether they have inherited the family business, or are reinvigorating recipes that have been handed down to them, it is by hearing their stories and observing their work that you’ll get a true understanding of the region. In this journey, you're not just a traveller; you're an ambassador of culture, a seeker of stories, and a participant in a narrative that spans time.

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